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These days, I can't even read money

If you've seen "The Imitation Game," Alan Turing will be familiar.


There are so many labels on him that any one of them would be great to single out: computer scientist, father of AI, codebreaker, logician... On 23 June, his 109th birthday, a £50 note featuring his image will go into circulation.


The polymer note, like the man himself, is also intellectually romantic. The design incorporates Turing's life and legacy, with small details scattered throughout the notes, which require a bit of work to decipher.


Taking into account Turing's expertise in security, the design uses modern technology to make security more precise. On the front of the bill is a portrait of the Queen with a window lattice beside it. The metal pattern on the main window when viewed from the front is gold and green, while the back is silver. Meanwhile, holograms are used so that as the note tilts, the image inside the two gold foil squares on the front changes between the "50" and "pound" symbols.

The back of the note features a portrait of Alan taken by Elliott & Fry in 1951. On the left side of the portrait is a curved band with Turing's birthday (23 June 1912) written in binary form. The tables and mathematical formulas came from Turing's seminal 1936 paper on Computable Numbers, with Applications to the Problem of Gifts, which presented the concept of Turing's machine. The bottom layer is a technical drawing of the bombe, a decryption device Turing used during the Second World War, showing his contribution to decryption.


Notably, Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England, said that Turing was chosen not only to celebrate his great scientific spirit, but also because he was an openly persecuted gay man, Wants to circulate currency bearing her image to call for acceptance of gender differences and support for the LGBT community.


In an era of fast food and direct delivery, the subtle design itself has a time-consuming romance. Remember in the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon created his own Morse code in order to carve out his own meaning space in the universal text. Alan's life was a whirlwind of code-breaking and base-writing. Sixty-seven years after his death, the design of this "encryption" is also a retrospective and tribute in his way.

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