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I'm not a blank piece of paper

"A blank sheet of paper" is often used to describe a person who is not deeply involved in the world, whose experience is still shallow, and who has not been contaminated by the big dyeing VAT of society.


Depending on the context in which it is applied, the underlying sentiment ranges from a sense of future-promising modesty and potential to a somewhat dismissive tone that does not take a newborn baby seriously.


However, not all "white paper" is really a blank, empty head, although it is not sketched, nor colored, but perhaps through another way to leave their own traces - when I first saw the German artist Simon Schubert (Simon Schubert) white paper for the material to create a series of paper carving works, Produced such emotion.


Unlike paper carvings, which usually rely on a variety of paper combinations, cutting and hollowed-out, Simon Schubert's paperwork series starts from a piece of white paper and does not use any other auxiliary materials, only through the repeated folding of paper creases and the effect of light casting and passing through the paper. The creases "depict" the labyrinth-like corridors and ornate interiors on the white paper, presenting a precise view of the interior of the building, spatial and decorative at the same time, who would have thought it was just a white paper.

Before he could begin origami, though, Simon Schubert began by sketching scene drawings, which, he thought, "is the process of turning a painting into something almost unlike a painting." From this point of view, origami is just a way, and the crease is a brushstroke, and the artist completes a paper sculpture in the same way he paints a picture.


Simon Schubert's paperwork series is a collection of his architecture, painting, origami and visual experience, converting origami into monochrome relief, visually as if to build a parallel space between two and three dimensions, with some mysterious shadows, perhaps living in this paper carving space "ghosts".

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