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This year’s Eastern Olympics, I really don’t know if there will be exciting derivative costumes in t

As a rare sports event in the "post-epidemic" era, this ill-fated Olympics attracted a lot of attention. A poll held in May this year showed that the proportion of people opposed to the Olympics was even as high as 84%. Even Emperor Naruhito was worried that the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics would lead to the further spread of the new coronavirus. He hoped that relevant institutions could take measures to Take joint steps to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

Although there are numerous objections, and the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee is also overwhelmed, various brands have still released some good-looking designs for this event.

For example, BEAMS, a well-known Japanese clothing brand, has released a series of related derivative clothing with the theme of this Olympic Games. A series of casual clothing with Olympic themes adds a casual atmosphere to the serious Olympics. Elements related to this Olympic Games have also been seamlessly integrated into the design without appearing obtrusive at all.

To make derivatives tied to large-scale events so trendy is a test of comprehensive design capabilities, on the one hand, color, and on the other hand, proportion. It is obvious that the colors on the two white T-shirts have appropriately aged faded effects, and the proportions are relatively more suitable for Asians. The blue top also has the original year of the Tokyo Olympics written on it, presumably because of the "unrelief" about the delay (but it is also possible that the order has been placed in advance and the printing cannot be changed).

BEAMS, who loves trend culture and urban style, will naturally not let go of items that embody Japanese style. Whether it is baseball caps, fisherman hats, bathrobes, cardigans or Hawaiian shirts, they all ride on this trend and are launched on the market. On sale. After imagining it a little in my mind, I feel that each piece is versatile and can be worn with eyes closed.

Regular items are enough to make people stare, and special items will not stretch your hips. It is actually a surfboard tail fin, which makes me, who cannot surf, want to buy one and display it at home, just like a souvenir to witness history.

Maybe I'm over-analyzing, but when I saw ASICS go to great lengths to include photos of ocean debris, rotting food, and plastic bags in their ads to tell viewers how much they have contributed to environmental protection, I felt that they were adhering to this craftsmanship spirit. Should the Japanese government, which only knows how to bow when it makes a mistake, think about whether it is inappropriate to dump the Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean?

But no matter what, this belated Olympic Games is finally about to begin. Despite the epidemic, we can still see some interesting works in terms of design, which can be regarded as a ray of light in this gloomy cloud.

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