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Adidas' new collaboration is a pair of 'cat shoes'

This time Adidas and Sneakersnstuff two fashion brand cooperation launched Adidas Originals I-5923 Pack sneakers.

Of course it's more than that. Bad ads are the same, good ads have their own wonderful, and this Adidas advertising is very "heavy", because even Adidas can not help but "suck the cat" hot spot.

The collection comes in two colors, one a deep blue like the ocean and the other a nude like grain. The body design continues the retro 1970s running shoe outline, made of suede and fabric, the shoe has the signature three bars on one side, and the words I-5923 are added, and the sole is the exclusive white Adidas BOOST sole.

Both shoes will be available exclusively on Sneakersnstuff and will not be sold in Adadias stores, priced at $129.

It's the same shoebox and I want this one more.

Just in case you haven't had enough, Sneakersnstuff is giving away an exclusive behind-the-scenes look to satisfy cat suckers.

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