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What are paper hangers and cardboard hangers?

What are paper hangers and cardboard hangers?

Paper hangers are a type of hangers that are made of paper materials through special processing, and most of the materials are recycled paper.

1. Classification
Paper hangers can be classified according to their shape and function into cardboard hangers, cardboard trouser hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper hooks, paper tie hangers and belt paper hangers.

2. Material selection

The material selection of paper hangers pays attention to environmental protection, and most of them use recycled paper resources, while a few use virgin pulp. The choice of the two mainly depends on the manufacturer's decision on the color of the product itself.

3. Production process
Paper hangers are made from recycled paper, which is processed through screening, dust removal, crushing, decolorization and pulping, filtration, purification, drying and other processes. It is then pressed and formed into a strong and hard cardboard. Then cut and print according to the required shape to get the finished paper hanger.

4. Advantages
It is environmentally friendly and is not restricted by molds or shapes. It can be made into clothes hangers with different functions according to different needs. Meet the needs of the market. Environmentally friendly, degradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Paper hangers have the advantages of being environmentally friendly and fashionable. It is a leader in paper-based daily necessities.

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