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Plastic pollution is so harmful, did you know?

Since the invention of plastics, plastic products have been used increasingly widely, bringing great convenience to people's daily lives. But at the same time, the problem of plastic pollution is becoming increasingly serious and has become a hot environmental issue of widespread concern around the world. How to find a balance between convenient life and protecting the environment has become a common issue facing the world, and it is also a question that each of us needs to think deeply about.

People's strong complaints are mainly about the issues of "visual pollution" and "potential harm". However, most people still lack awareness of the long-term and deep-seated "potential harm" of waste plastic packaging. Specifically, it can be said from the following aspects:

First, too much land is occupied. Plastic waste stays in nature for a long time, generally up to 200-400 years, and some can last up to 500 years.

Second, pollute the air. Plastic, paper scraps and dust flew in the wind.

Third, pollute water bodies. Plastic bottles and lunch boxes floating on rivers and seawater, and plastic bags and bread paper hanging on branches above the water not only cause environmental pollution, but if animals accidentally eat white garbage, it will harm their health and even cause damage to their digestion. It cannot be digested and will starve to death.

Fourth, fire hazard. White garbage is almost all combustible. During the natural accumulation process, methane and other combustible gases will be produced. Fire accidents can easily occur when exposed to open flames or spontaneous combustion, often causing heavy losses.

Fifth, white garbage may become the nest of harmful organisms. They can provide food, habitat and breeding place for rats, birds, mosquitoes and flies, and the residues therein are often the source of infectious diseases.

Sixth, after waste plastic packaging enters the environment, it is difficult to degrade, causing long-term and deep-seated ecological and environmental problems. First of all, waste plastic packaging mixed in the soil affects the absorption of nutrients and moisture by crops, which will lead to crop yield reduction; waste plastic packaging mixed with domestic waste is difficult to process: landfill disposal will occupy land for a long time, and domestic waste mixed with plastic It is not suitable for composting, and the sorted waste plastic is difficult to recycle because the quality cannot be guaranteed. If livestock eats the plastic film, it will cause digestive tract diseases and even death in livestock.

Plastic is very common in our lives, such as plastic hangers, plastic hooks, plastic shoe hooks and other plastic products that fill our lives. When it is used up, it will become the enemy in our lives. Polluting our earth, occupying our air, and hindering our normal life

Mengcaii Paper Products has discovered this situation and we will change it. We specialize in the design and production of environmentally friendly paper hangers, cardboard shoe hooks, paper hooks, and a series of degradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials to make these closest to our lives. products, so that they do not invade our earth, do not occupy our air, and become a common friend of mankind

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