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If your grades are not good, it must be because you play with too few toys.

The first issue of Bigkids is an issue where they compete with children openly for toys.

Who doesn't love toys? How many adults have bought Lego home and played with it more enthusiastically than children. Today I will share a few construction toys other than Lego. From easy to difficult, let’s see which level you are at.

Level 1. Eyes Closed Player Level: Stacking Elephants

Well, you can play it with your eyes closed, a real-life version of blind men touching an elephant.

But the simpler the toy, the greater the challenge. The target of the challenge is not the player, but the designer of the toy. Don’t underestimate these little elephants just because they are listed in level.1. At least when you search for similar toys on Iobao, you can hardly find a more classic one - each elephant can be nose to nose and legs to legs. The ground is hooked together and fixed together. This seemingly simple idea has already completely defeated those who just want to speculate on IP (I even searched for Keith Haring’s villain version of Dui Dui Le, but believe me, it is just a hard work). Competitors who are constantly stacking Arhats) but ignore the fun of "playing".

Level 2. Player level with eyes open: Toniture, Toy Furniture

Toniture (Toy + Furniture) toy furniture, designed by the Korean company G280 Studio.
Don't be intimidated by these big guys. Just keep your eyes open when playing so you won't get hit on your feet.

From a technical point of view, it is much simpler than Lego. There is no detailed work that requires the eyes. It can also prompt you to lift your butt and do some large-scale exercise training. If you are tired from playing, the small chair just released is just right for you to collapse.

The designer believes that the size of Toniture just fits the child's body shape and feel. By observing, touching, connecting, and pressing, children can freely create shapes such as wooden horses, giraffes, chairs, desks, etc., thus initially forming an understanding of the principles of furniture design. Basic understanding. At the same time, it is also very suitable for older children and younger children to work together.

Level 3. Staring player level: Animate robot

OPPO developed it in collaboration with British design studio Studio Fantasio.
"Make the robot move?" When people who hate mathematics, physics and chemistry hear this question, they will not only widen their eyes, but they may also roll their eyes: "It's too troublesome, let's not do it."

Indeed, a box of beautifully coded electronic components hints to players that this is a toy that requires a little bit of circuit knowledge.

Animate's electronic component box.
Animate is also a toy designed for children. In order to convince everyone that it is not difficult, the designers turned the originally complex and boring electronic components into simple, cute, and brightly colored toys, and enlarged the size to make them easy to identify. It is easy to operate and increases the safety factor.

Animate's exclusive batteries, screws, wires, sensors for tracking commands, microphones, motors, LED lights, etc.

Product manual
The robot icon in emoji seems to prove that everyone still has a solid impression of robots, and Animate wants to encourage players to create the robots of their dreams. Refer to the product manual, or use your imagination and cut it out on cardboard. Whatever you want it to look like, it will look like that.

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