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Have you ever seen a display stand made of cardboard?

Have you ever seen a display stand made of cardboard? Nowadays, there are terminal display racks in a variety of materials on the market, such as plastic, wooden and hardware display racks. However, how to dispose of these display racks after their service life is over is a problem. No matter how we deal with it, it may have a certain impact on the environment, which is not consistent with the concept of sustainable development.

To solve this problem, we developed and designed a cardboard display stand. This display stand is made of environmentally friendly and renewable cardboard, which is made from pieces of cardboard and is both durable and strong. Especially during logistics transportation, it can be completely disassembled into pieces of packaging, which can save about 50% of logistics costs. When you're done using it, you can give it to a paper recycling site and reuse it to make other paper products.

You can print the brand LOGO, etc. you want to display on the display rack to convey product information. Printing is very convenient, and you no longer have to worry about the pattern you designed not being produced. This cardboard display stand is used in various industries, including eyewear display stands, product display stands, desktop display stands, etc. The sizes vary from over one meter to dozens of centimeters.

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