By Mengcaii | 26 December 2023 | 0 Comments

A small hook can move the entire earth

A small hook may seem insignificant, but it can move the socks of the entire earth, which consumes a staggering amount of money. Every day, billions of socks are consumed, followed by billions of plastic hooks. What will be the fate of these billions of plastic hooks? How much impact will they have on our environment? This is undoubtedly a big test for us.

Faced with this problem, Mengcaii Paper Products Company developed paper hooks, which have the same characteristics as plastic hooks. The load-bearing and toughness of paper sock hooks are no different from plastic hooks.

However, more importantly, paper hooks are recyclable, completely biodegradable and do not put any pressure on the environment. This innovative product not only solves the environmental problems caused by plastic hooks, but also provides a new solution for our environmental governance.

A small hook can influence the environmental problems of the entire earth. This is our expectation and challenge for the future.

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