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Are you throwing away a plastic bottle or a murder weapon?

Plastic products are part of our daily lives, but we really cannot always be aware of the harm that plastics cause to the environment and biology. Try to remind us that there are many environmental protection organizations, and today I will open up a new regional environmental protection organization, BariQ. BariQ is mainly active in Egypt and is the largest plastic product recycler in Africa and the Middle East.

This organization brings the best quality and the most advanced green technology to this area that may always be overlooked by us, and reprocesses used plastic bottles. The plastic bottles they processed can even directly serve food container manufacturers in Europe and the United States. In order to let more people understand the importance of plastic waste recycling, Digitology, a creative agency in Egypt, created a set of posters for them, which is a bit shocking:

With more and more attention to environmental protection, mengcaii Cardboard hangers specializes in the production of environmentally friendly recyclable paper products, cardboard hangers and other recyclable daily necessities, which make our environment more beautiful

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