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When New York was buried by the ball, when London rained garbage

Although we usually know from the sky full of news, we probably know that the world emits carbon dioxide every day and produces a lot of plastic waste. But because carbon dioxide can't be seen or touched. The string of numbers always feels vague to us. The experience brought to us by these reports is not as intuitive as the following two short films.

As time went on, the bubbles increased. They were like boiling millet porridge. The bubbles overflowed from the street, passed the tall buildings in an hour, swallowed the Empire State Building in a day, and flooded the entire New York City a year later.

The raging junk legion overturned the presiding station, dumped into the chief's office, and rolled up Boris, surfing along Downing Street until it broke through the iron fence, and the offensive of the huge wave came to an abrupt end.

"We want to protect the earth, for our children and grandchildren." The dummy Boris was still chattering out trash," Only trash and the children stared at each other.

"Blindness is clear" is actually a self-protection filter that evades the reality of "environmental protection". Under this filter, we assume that these pollution-causing things are far away from us.

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