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Extinguished cigarette butts are also powerful weapons

When it comes to marine pollution, many people think of plastic products, those floating in the ocean, plastic bags, straws, plastic cups, and invisible tiny plastic particles. But whether you believe it or not, the small cigarette filter has become the largest pollutant in the ocean, but the cigarette filter has escaped most of the supervision and flowed directly into the sea.

Strictly speaking, in fact, cigarette filters are also a type of plastic products. Most cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, and cellulose acetate is a type that may take 10 years or more. Decomposed plastics are numerous and difficult to collect. Cigarette filters thrown on the street will rush into the ocean through sewage pipes, streams and rivers and break down into tiny plastic particles that are easily absorbed by wildlife. According to research, one cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of water-what concept? A typical water dispenser uses a bucket of about 10 liters. If you think about 50 buckets stacked up in your head, you can throw a cigarette filter to pollute them all. Is there a concept?

Penguins, posters, and seabirds that resemble pelicans are all wrapped in a viscous liquid that is half white and half yellow, which is also reminiscent of the typical color scheme of cigarettes. The animals roared desperately. I just want to be heard by people.

We often see in public service advertisements that an unextinguished cigarette butt can cause a raging fire; a burning cigarette can also cause people to be deeply harmed by second-hand smoke, but we have never thought that discarded cigarette filters , It turned out to be a great weapon against nature. Today, when fast food giants such as Starbucks and McDonald’s replace plastic straws with paper straws, at some point in time, tobacco companies that have already made a lot of money due to monopolies can also take up the social morality and develop more environmentally friendly cigarettes. What about the filter?

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