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What is the most expensive fashion item that marine animals reveal for you?

If there is a stereotype of fashion week posters, then most of the fashion week posters may express the pioneers of fashion professionals, the creativity of fashion brands, and the luxury of the fashion industry. In these fashion weeks, although designers like "Vivienne Westwood" are shouting for "environmental protection", they even encourage others to buy less clothes in order to protect the environment. But it seems that more people still feel that it is too early to wash away the guilt of natural destruction with one show after another.

The poster for this year's Mozambique Fashion Week has just been released, but it makes people feel heavy after watching it. This group of posters called "The Unwanted Fashion" (The Unwanted Fashion) adopts the style of KoL's daily collocation experience on social media, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection for us.

Your fashion blogger, Baby Seal, said in today’s match sharing: “Today #老写真精选# is this winter styling blockbuster. I took this style last year, and I can’t change other styles every day. The accessories are in Clearance sales in the Indian Ocean and Antarctica, but don’t say I didn’t remind you: the price is high."

The well-known stylist Ms. Turtle shared a photo of her wearing a plastic scarf on social media, "God! Sisters, isn't this scarf so beautiful? It's available in the ocean near you!" #今日穿搭#"

Every year, 1 million marine organisms die because of the garbage we dump in the ocean. In the most populous developing countries, the lack of sustainable recycling equipment makes garbage disposal extremely difficult. But as the slogan says: Environmental pollution is a trend that goes straight to the grave. Change your shopping habits and do your part in ending this "unwanted fashion" trend.

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