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These are the best treated garbage in the world, are you used to it?

Blue sky and white clouds beach
Parasol long legs spray
Beer fried chicken campfire
Bikini beside
Why don't you have to be on vacation to keep your energy up? Spring is here, can the sunbathing in summer be far away? The beach of the seaside bathing beach is ready to be ravaged by humans. There are people coming and going in the resort, but the rubbish left behind stays still. After the humans left, the garbage began to rise.

Light a cigarette and take a sunbathe beautifully

Do some shy things in the grass


Hey hey, people are enjoying the holiday. Damn humans, let go of your dirty hands.

This is a commercial launched by the Surfrider Foundation to promote the "European Cleanup Day". It tells the fantasy story of the occurrence of rubbish left over after human beings took a vacation. In the face of numb nerves, after redefining an identity with what people have ignored, it immediately causes different sensory stimulation.

Are you willing to share the beauty of this world with trash?

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