By Mengcaii Cardboard hangers | 26 July 2021 | 0 Comments

Be good at small, and stick to environmental protection! ! !

On the ordinary streets of London, there are a bunch of super mini environmental guards who have gone to great lengths to make the city clean and tidy. In the CG animation called "Tiny Worlds", the creators carefully selected the real scenes that everyone is used to. Ingenious use of mini models, deduced a huge "environmental protection".

Half a cigarette butt, a match and even chewing gum attached to the ground have become a thorny issue in the "environmental remediation" operation. In the dramatic contrast with the miniature scenes, people are being dumped because of the "evil small" garbage. Multiplying the magnification, and wanting to clean up these rubbish, the degree of difficulty is close to that of Ultraman fighting the little monster.

The casual throwing of ordinary people has turned into a huge project in the small world. At the same time that it is so cute that it is not necessary, I also remind my friends by the way, don't throw rubbish!


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