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I want to save something, but it’s not easy at all | Think Small

Not to mention that the original pixels of some materials are not high, and whether the wheels are included in it is not clearly distinguishable with the naked eye. It is said that the bicycle wheels, the wheels hung on the wall, and the wagon wheels are not considered in the true sense. His "wheel" is enough to make me fall back into the meditation on the two philosophical issues of "white horse is not a horse" and "how to prove that I am me".

However, they are fortunately still conscientious, at least they did not use the photos of the shortlisted girls in the Miss Korea Contest for human-computer verification.

A recent environmental protection advertisement from Brazil actually used a human-machine verification method to tell everyone a heavy fact: Although the public opinion of Brazil's rainforest fire has fallen, its burning heat has not fallen. Before it's too late, please choose the animal you want to protect from the wildfire.

Okay, I won't talk about anything else, anyway, what this advertisement wants to express is very easy to understand. But what I really want to say is that the format of this advertisement can really stimulate people's desire to click. Seeing the small tick next to it that is not full, do you have an urge to fill them all? ? The scheming advertisers use this primitive impulse to increase the traffic of the website. When you can't hold back the urge to click, you just don't want to-give them another increase in traffic!

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