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Apple’s baby is a fragile future for mankind

Apple’s baby is a fragile future for mankind Apple environmental protection carbon balance baby metaphor life Recently, Apple has made a major commitment: by 2030, eliminate its entire carbon footprint, and even take its product manufacturing, transportation, and recycling of scrap materials into consideration to ensure that Apple and even those who use Apple products have carbon access. It does not increase the additional burden on the environment. As in other aspects, in the field of environmental protection and new energy, Apple is also preparing to become a worthy benchmark. For this promise, Apple released an unexpected video advertisement. It's an accident, probably because they have seen a lot of advertisements about the future recently, they seem to be expensive, and this advertisement from Apple is undoubtedly the "cheapest" of them. The protagonist of the video is a baby, sleeping peacefully in the bed. And a gentle male voice whispered and called his name Edan, assuring him with a reassuring voice that everything Apple produces, including its production methods and consumer use methods, will be achieved in these "post 20s" 10 Achieved before the birthday. When talking about the difficulty of implementing this decision, the baby was slightly disturbed, but as the narrator made a gentle but firm vow, Edan giggled, and then fell into a sweet dream again. At first glance, this advertisement is simply white and boring. They didn't use their usual brainstorming method to imagine the future after achieving carbon balance, and they didn't use it brilliantly. But if you savour it carefully, you will be able to feel the ingenious metaphor that Apple puts on this baby. First of all, the first batch of newborns in the 2020s, this baby symbolizes the future of mankind-what else is easier to arouse people's desire for protection and beautiful imagination than a baby? Apple's gentle narration is not only a prospect, but also a promise to future generations. Demonstrates the determination to protect mankind and the sense of social responsibility as a technology giant. The second is to use this baby metaphor to achieve carbon balance. With a baby, we can easily perceive how fragile and young we are to achieve this goal. Apple's plan is still in its infancy. It has strong vitality, but it is extremely easy to die. At the same time, just as raising a baby is not just enough food and water, the climate change problem is not an independent problem and cannot be solved by a single solution. It is a systematic, long-term, and complex process, as complicated as caring for a young life. Prior to the release of this advertisement, Apple released the "2020 Environmental Progress Report" in April this year, which is a milestone in Apple's environmental protection business. In this report, Apple's overall carbon footprint has been reduced by 35%. To this end, they have taken a number of measures, including: Use 100% renewable electricity in all stores, offices and R&D centers. The iPhone 11 three-piece set can recycle 100% rare earth resources. The implementation of the supplier's clean energy plan has reduced the carbon footprint by 4.4 million tons. The MacBook Air produced has more than 40% renewable content. Invest in the restoration of forests, wetlands and grasslands. We are lucky. There is still an opportunity to build a greener economy, develop new sustainable industries, and leave a long-term home for the next generation. Apple has therefore made amazing investments in environmental protection. But this is not enough. According to Apple’s goal plan, it will reach zero net carbon emissions within ten years, which is even 20 years earlier than the target of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said in a statement: “Climate considerations will become a huge potential for innovation. It can create jobs and become the basis for long-term economic growth in the new era. The carbon balance we have promised is climate-specific. This is an important move, and we hope that this move will gradually bring about greater changes like ripples in a pond." Just like this advertisement, in the gentle tone of a guardian, this grand prospect is directly expressed in an understatement. Under restraint and calm, it contains surging power. The most solemn commitment to life. Because the things they want to protect are fragile and perishable, they need to be cared for, but they are tough and tenacious. It is a new life, but also love and hope.

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