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"Hello, a bottle of Coke, the kind of paper bottle"

Although I know that Pepsi and Coca-Cola have their own iron powder, and firmly believe that all other cola except for their own cola are "heresy", but I also recently learned that there are internal divisions-canned cola and bottled. Coke also has its own fans!

What? ! What kind of container does the cola taste the same? You must know that Andy Warhol regards Coke as an important element of pop art because whether it is the Coke that the President of the United States drinks or the Coke of the slums, it is the same taste. This is the popularization and democracy of taste. But they told me that different containers can convey different feelings-the metallic texture of canned cola can convey the texture of iced cola, and bottled cola can lock the pulsating carbon dioxide. A small container seems to have a big effect. Of exquisiteness.

The Coca-Cola Company must understand this truth. Today, when the environmental protection tide is sweeping, they are not to be outdone, and launched the first paper bottle prototype.

As part of Coca-Cola's "No Waste World" commitment, this prototype represents Coca-Cola's actions to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable development through design. We can see that the iteration is not only the material, but also the paper shell wrapped with plastic lining and sealing to make the whole more usable. But as a prototype product, this product still has room for improvement-for example, plastic is still used as the lining material. Although the plastic used by Coca-Cola is made of 100% recyclable plastic, all recyclable plastics will one day be thrown into the incinerator. Therefore, Coca-Cola’s vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any paper. Engineers are looking for a solution for this, designing a paper bottle without plastic lining.

However, will Coke packaged in paper bottles be a panacea to solve the problem of packaging contamination? It remains to be seen. Any kind of progress is worth celebrating. Even if this paper Coke bottle is not a 100% paper container, it will not appear in stores in the near future, but I think that the use of paper bottle packaging of Coke will be the beginning of solving packaging waste. , Is also the beginning of the settlement of the dispute over whether canned Coke or bottled Coke-so that everyone will always have iced Coke to drink, let's drink paper bottled Coke in the future~

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