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What will be the clothes hangers under the plastic ban

Today, with highly developed economy and technology, human beings have been thinking about how to make the home we live in sustainable and permanent existence.

Plastics are currently the biggest known threat to the earth, but they are so widely used and have existed on earth for hundreds of years that they have irreplaceable advantages in some areas.Elsewhere, humans are searching for new solutions.


Today to say paper hangers it is in the plastic and polluted environment arises at the historic moment, guangdong embellish and paper co., LTD., a few level calls social sustainable development of the pollution-free, in conjunction with the sichuan university research and development of a new generation of paper hangers with all the benefits of the traditional clothes rack at the same time, make plastic pollution nowhere to hide.

Shenzhen Mengcai Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a professional printing and packaging enterprise of environmentally friendly paper hangers for high-end clothing. It is a production-oriented enterprise integrating design, production, sales and development. Professional manufacturers customize paper hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper photo frames, paper silk towel holders, paper sock holders and other environmentally friendly paper products, which are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. 

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