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How do ZARA and H&M choose which clothes to display in their Windows and in the center of their stor

Let me talk about ZARA's store display.Unlike general clothing stores, ZARA does not match on the basis of existing goods, but to consider a good match and then design.ZARA sees itself as a "wardrobe" of clothing suggestions, so it does demonstrations of different styles in stores at the same time.Accordingly, ZAR will divide a product development team into several development teams of different sub-series for coordination and integration.


Each product development team's hair to think, not from the individual goods, but first from the collocation began to think.On the premise of this, and according to the seasonal theme (such as holiday wind, outdoor wind) and popular colors as instructed by the department director, the design of individual goods is carried out while considering how to display highly coordinated wearing demonstration.


ZARA's head office has an imaginary store the same size as a standard store, with the same display racks for what is actually being sold in the store at that time each season.In order to facilitate the imagination store, the design office has installed several sets of display shelves identical to those in the official store.Designers are used to staying here for inspiration, designing items while imagining what to wear in the store.


ZARA In-store Display When the products are shipped to stores around the world, the visual display designers who specialize in in-store displays will conduct model displays in imaginary stores at headquarters, and then transmit the images to stores around the world.After receiving instructions, the store's exclusive visual display designer will arrange the weekly delivery of clothes and the store's inventory according to the proposed rules, showing a form similar to the headquarters proposal.After finishing the process, I will talk about the specific display in the store.The standard ZARA store is 324 pyeong (1,070 square meters).It offers sub-collections for different customers, so the store is divided into five areas: WOMAN for working women (20%) and BASIC (30%), TRF for customers' daughters (15%), MAN for men (20%) and KIDS for children (15%).


Upon entering the store, the first thing you see is the ZARA WOMAN area, which uses the most popular elements, and ZARA BASIC is behind the next door.TRF or MAN, KIDS will be in the rear or second floor.Each sub-series of the region, each season has set 5 or so popular theme, according to the different theme division of the region, the respective region will have by the coat, jacket, the combination of wear.In each area, a set of basic display units are composed of fixed wall hangers, display tables and movable hanger poles.And each theme style is displayed using a set of display units


ZARA will give different dress demonstrations according to different scenarios, mainly setting the dress for the workplace, the dress for going out on vacation and the dress for going to parties.These will be displayed on fixed wall hangers.Folded clothes, such as jeans, sweaters or T-shirts worn at home, will be placed on display tables in front of the wall.On the movable rack at the table are the basic items in line with the temperature of the season, such as down coats, blazers, cardigans, blouses and skirts.ZARA in each series of goods, each season will launch white or black and other basic colors, as well as the season popular colors.But ZARA doesn't offer more than one popular color a season, like dark brown.In order to make the seasonal theme at a glance, ZARA will simplify the product patterns displayed at the same time to put only a representative pattern (such as leopard print) on the shelf, a color scheme.In this way, guests will be able to see selected colors and patterns in each display unit, giving people a sense of what is in fashion this season at a glance.The above mentioned, is I read "UNIQLO and ZARA hot seller science" summed up, want to know more details can find this book to turn over.But the book is 15 years old, and fast fashion is changing so fast that ZARA's store presentation may change.

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