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Hangers of the future

With the increasingly serious environmental problems in recent years, more and more eco hangers products have attracted people's attention. Such as paper shopping bags, paper straw, have been frequent into our field of vision, into our life, there is another -- -- -- -- -- paper hangers (green hangers)

traditional hangers are made of plastic particles After injection molding machine, and it for its simple process, low cost, strong, durable, and is widely used in life, Favored by FMCG brands, it has also been criticized for its plastic pollution, not being green enough and not being fancy enough. 
The discovery of eco paper hanger, fully solve these two problems, make hanger become environmental protection, become better, can be printed on the company LOGO and a variety of fashion elements, but also the same strong and durable, its disadvantage is a little higher price let many people back. 

The third generation of Mengcaii new material paper hanger, due to the high material density, the cutting edge has been close to the perfect smooth wood, paper has been completely different from plastic hanger, can be made by plastic particles of injection molding. 


Mengcaii eco hangers is through high pressure integration of waste paper, the use of punching machine over the knife die stamping, so it is difficult to avoid the loss of materials, and itself from the raw material level, Mengcaii cardboard hangers is after several different processes to suppress. The resulting finished product costs slightly more than the same plastic product. Although hindered by price restrictions, European and American countries have taken the lead in launching replacement programs, and now brands have come to the door to ask for cooperation. Paper hanger is the general trend of the future, even if it is still early to use in China, but the future must be a new growth mouth. We'll see! 

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