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Low carbon environmental protection



We are the master of the earth, the earth is our home, we should protect it, do not pollute the earth. Low carbon environmental protection is actually very simple, as long as we do not waste, the use of environmental degradable cardboard hanger, environmental protection ecological paper hanger, paper hook and so on can save some energy, assets for nature, do a good thing for the earth. I will give you say a few things: I remember in the summer, the weather re like steamed furnace, bubbled caught fire on the earth, and my parents and I have to stay at home because it's cold outside, open the air conditioning, after a while, father transferred to 26 degrees Celsius, the temperature I said: "dad, you turn off the air conditioning, use fan fan also pretty cool." Father said: "You are really a good boy who knows how to save." I save energy for nature. Another time, to the afternoon, mother was cooking. I went over to see, ah, the flame almost "channeling" to the pot! I said to my mother: "Mom, your fire is too big, and then the general assembly to ignite the oil." "You're absolutely right. It saves fuel and doesn't set it on fire." Said, mother hurriedly turn off the gas stove fire. There is another thing, I saw my father get up in the morning, said to my father: "Dad, let's go out to have breakfast this day, ok?" My father said to me, "Well, shall we walk this day?" I said: "Well, then we walk to it, not only to exercise, so also can not put the air pollution." Dad smiled and nodded and said, "Good job! We want is to low carbon life "low carbon life is an attitude, not potential, we should start saving electricity, water, carbon, saving, solar terms, this kind of small, low carbon life is we want to establish a green way of life, as long as we act, can close to low carbon life, even to reach the low-carbon living standards. With the economic development of the world, the increase of the population, the climate in recent years is more and more serious, more and more carbon dioxide emissions, the earth's ozone layer has suffered unprecedented pollution, the world's environment has seriously endangered the health and safety of human beings, so we must protect the global environment.

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