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Low-carbon environmental protection is everyone's responsibility

For us, lifestyle describes whether a person is low-carbon or environmentally friendly. That is, how much carbon dioxide is emitted by the production, use and consumption of some things, and use more recyclable hangers, such as environmental protection cardboard hangers, eco-friendly hangers, paper hangers and other recyclable hangers. Low carbon can be reflected from a person's clothing, food, housing, travel. There are also a lot of environmental events around us. Garbage all over the ground, "mother river" is no longer clear, "mother river" into the "garbage paradise!" Rubbish was floating about in the river, giving off a terrible stench. The car on the road into trouble, a long queue composed of cars can be seen everywhere, the car exhaust disgusting. Factory exhaust is like a long dragon straight into the sky, so that the sky is no longer deep blue, the air is no longer fresh sweet. Real low-carbon environmental protection is a life attitude rather than potential for ordinary people. It just lacks the power of the people. It is the power of the people that changes the future. Normally, we just recycle the water. Use the water left by rice cleaning to water flowers and grass. The rice water is more nutritious than water for flowers and plants, so that it not only saves water, but also allows flowers and plants to grow better. Go shopping, bring their own environmental bags, no matter free or charged plastic bags, reduce the use of; Bring your own drinking cups when you go out and reduce the use of disposable cups. Use permanent chopsticks, lunch boxes and avoid using disposable tableware. Develop the habit of turning off electrical appliances to avoid wasting electricity; Try not to use refrigerators, air conditioning, hot use fans or fans, etc. Low-carbon environmental protection represents a healthier, more natural, more safe, but also a low-cost, low-cost way of life. Environmental protection is but the pursuit of material, in fact, low carbon is also a low-key. We should start from electricity saving, water saving, carbon saving, fuel saving, solar terms this little thing, together to establish a low-carbon green lifestyle, as long as we all go together to action, we must be able to make our life more low-carbon environmental protection, so that our common earth has a more perfect tomorrow.

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