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Energy saving and emission reduction low-carbon life, from the use of environmental hanger, cardboar

Energy saving and emission reduction low-carbon life, from the use of environmental hanger, cardboard hanger start


As long as from now on, from us to start, with practical action to protect the earth, save themselves - a low carbon life. Low-carbon life mainly starts from basic necessities. Buy one less piece of clothing you don't need, and you'll save 2. Five kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. Eat more vegetables to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from meat. Choose small apartment, but the degree of decoration. Drive less, take more buses, so as to reduce carbon dioxide. In addition to these must-haves in life, there are some tips for saving. A pipe under the washbasin can be replaced by an old bucket. With good water running down the hole into the bucket, the water can be used to flush the toilet. I also made a "de-scaler" out of bottle caps, attaching five or six beer or drink bottle caps to a wooden board in a staggered fashion, leaving the handles open. With this self-created brand "scale remover" is convenient and economical, truly low carbon! A carton of milk. What should I do when I run out of milk? The first thought would be to throw it away! That's not going to work. If you want to be low-carbon, you have to change! Milk carton transformed into lamp: Lay the milk carton down, cut off the drinking mouth with scissors, and make a cuboid with holes. Cut a hole in the wide surface, put a water pipe, put wires in it, switch on the light bulb, and put the light bulb in the box. Just attach another milk carton to the table! The milk carton is transformed into a storage box. A box is the perfect place for small things that are often lost. Storage box practice is also very simple, any side cut a hole, put things on the line! Milk box eighteen martial arts three, lovely and beautiful pen holder. First, clean the box. Then, carefully cut off the top of the box with a knife. The box becomes an open cuboid. To achieve "low carbon" is very simple, I believe that everyone can pay a force for the earth.

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