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A perfect living environment is the basis of our life. Cardboard hangers, eco-friendly paper hangers

Mother Earth is like the cradle of life, and human beings are like the proud sons of the earth. She gave us everything we needed to live without her and we would have nothing. A perfect living environment is the basis of our life. Cardboard hangers, eco-friendly paper hangers, pulp hangers, hooks, etc. are often used.
       But at the moment, our awareness of protecting the environment is getting weaker and weaker. Although everyone understands the protection of the environment, they plunder the property of the earth unconsciously and destroy the original beautiful environment; in fact, in life, as long as you pay attention, you can protect the environment everywhere.
It can be seen everywhere in the restaurants around us that in order to achieve the "hygienic" standard, the bosses unconsciously use many wooden chopsticks made of trees; the price paid for this is huge, and the green trees Trees fell down with a loud noise, birds were forced to leave, and groups of cute animals were homeless, but they thought they didn't see it, and the original natural ecological environment was destroyed by them. Not only is the forest gone, but the animals are not spared either. Recently, some Cantonese people actually opened their heads and ate their brains out of cute and clever little monkeys. They watched each and every cute little monkey die innocently, but they were still indifferent. What an outrageous thing!
As the masters of the earth, if we do not cherish everything at this moment, then this perfect environment must leave us early. At that time, we will face disaster, and the earth will be scarred and hurt; so we should do what the master should do, protect the environment we live in, and don’t destroy it deliberately. Remember: protect the bad environment , is to protect future human beings.

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