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What Does a Paper Hanger Do?

Before hanging any new paper, the paper hanger must evaluate the room's layout and existing paper. Once the surface is measured and the area to be covered is cleared, the hanger can remove old wallpaper and apply a new one. The paper hanger may also have to sand or repair damaged areas before adhering the new paper to the wall. Sometimes, the paper hanger will have to apply a wallpaper backing or sizing before he can begin a new project.

paper hangers
A paper hanger covers interior walls and ceilings with a variety of paper and fabric types. These professionals also attach advertising posters. Before hanging paper, they must prepare the wall surfaces by applying sizing, making them less porous and more adhesive-friendly. They must also measure the surface area of the room and cut the paper to fit. Then, they use brushes or rollers to smooth the strips, making sure the pattern lines up and seams are smooth. To finish their work, they use tools like scissors, brushes, and plumb bobs to measure the walls and ceiling.

The job requires a high school diploma and 0-2 years of experience. Paper hangers must have a thorough understanding of color and patterns. Often, they must work under direct supervision. Their primary responsibility is to follow predetermined guidelines. A paper hanger is supervised by a supervisor and is generally not expected to make decisions on their own. Nonetheless, they must be able to read and follow directions to ensure proper results. A paper hanger may need to repair a wall, which requires them to apply sizing or to use a scaffold.

The majority of paper hangers are self-employed or work for building contractors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be nearly 1,900 paper hangers needed in 2020. These individuals typically earn between $23,580 and $61,090 per year. Those employed by building contractors, on the other hand, make $40,440 annually. Those in the construction industry make a higher salary than self-employed paperhangers. This career is ideal for those seeking an alternative source of income.

wallpaper hanger
A wallpaper hanger has many responsibilities. In addition to hanging the paper, he must prepare the surface of the wall. A perfect wall surface is ideal for hanging the paper. To get an ideal result, you should remove old wallpaper and flaking paint. You should also apply a sealer or primer to the wall surface before hanging the paper. The sealer or primer will provide a strong bond between the paper and the wall and ensure the finished product is smooth and seamless.

To hang wallpaper properly, you need a high-quality tool. A quality snap-blade utility knife is essential. A dull blade can tear the wallpaper. Always use a sharp knife with a proper angle. You can also purchase a 4-foot or a 2-foot carpenter's level. Using a layout is also crucial when you are hanging the wallcovering. After you've applied the primer, lay out the layout of the wallpaper to ensure the paper is straight.

In New York, NY, wallpaper hangers earn a median salary of $38,415 per year. This figure is lower than that of other cities. However, wallpaper hangers in the top 20% earn up to $61,914. Regardless of where you live, you'll still pay 22% in federal taxes and 6.33% in state taxes. With this average salary, you can earn up to $11,475 per week. You'll be working in a fast-paced environment with high-quality materials.

toilet paper hanger
A toilet-roll hanger or dispenser is a device for storing rolls of toilet paper. Several models are available, including a wire hinged horizontally on the wall, a thick axle recessed into the wall, and a freestanding vertical pole on a base. To help avoid tripping and falling over toilet paper, a toilet-roll hanger should be placed at eye level or above the toilet. If the hanger is mounted on the wall, it should be made of a durable metal or plastic.

One way to make a toilet paper hanger is to use a book as a measuring tool. Then, place the roll of toilet paper on it. Next, place a brass hook on each end of the wire, aligning the flanges with the edges of the measuring tool. Bend the remaining piece of wire around the pliers, forming sharper corners. Finally, use the book to guide you. Once you have the desired length, you can place the hanger on the wall.

One of the best-looking toilet paper hangers is the ZACK Linea. Its sleek and minimalist design complements the contemporary bathroom. Made from white coated aluminum, the ZACK Linea features a unique, curved shape. Its sleek look will complement any decor. It is also very easy to clean and is made from premium quality materials. It coordinates well with most home decor styles. There are numerous other styles to choose from.

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