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Protect resources and reduce pollution

Protect resources and reduce pollution

The use of environmental protection products in life, cardboard hanger, cardboard shoe hook, cardboard hook are very good environmental protection and degradable articles of life, no pollution to the earth, recycling can be used.

Electricity is our every pupil every day will be exposed to, but also every day we can not live without the study, but at the moment consumption is amazing. Therefore, every move when using electricity should start from frugality.

In our country, electricity generation mainly relies on coal, while the earth's coal is limited. At the current rate of consumption, the world will run out of coal in 250 years. After that, we will have no coal left for future generations.

Frugal electricity, is frugal coal, but also directly to reduce air pollution to make a contribution. Because acid rain is formed by burning coal, it can strongly corrode buildings and acidify soil and water quality, resulting in reduced grain production and the death of plants, fish and shrimp. According TO CALCULATION, THE ECONOMIC LOSS CAUSED BY ACID RAIN IN THE SOUTHWEST AND SOUTH China ALONE REACHED 14 BILLION YUAN EVERY year.

Frugal use of electricity can slow global warming. Because a lot of carbon dioxide emitted by burning coal acts as a shield to block heat from escaping from the ground to the sky, it creates a greenhouse effect. If the earth's temperature rises, it can cause droughts or floods and melt icebergs. If all of the Earth's icebergs melted, countries and islands at lower altitudes would disappear.

Those of us living today are bound to enter the next century, many of whom are vulnerable to increasing global warming. 135,000 children in 192 schools in Germany vowed to reduce the harmful greenhouse gases in their communities by 10 percent. They are switching to energy-saving light bulbs, rejecting air conditioning and opting for bicycles instead of cars. After seven months of effort, they have reached their goal.

Blink of an eye, we are about to enter the beautiful June, this is a good time for afforestation, greening the country, in order to create a good green home, protect the ecological environment, I propose the students:

Love nature, take good care of flowers and trees, protect and cherish animals, carry out tree-planting and green activities.

Enterprising publicity of environmental protection, environmental awareness to thousands of households.

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