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The benefits of forest to human beings are too much

The benefits of forest to human beings are too much

It can prevent disasters, clean air, water storage and so on, is a human survival partner. However, with the continuous development of economy, people have neglected the protection of forests, large forests have been destroyed to different degrees, leading to the disappearance of some forests and some tropical rainforests from the earth. Therefore, the paper products developed by us can be recycled indefinitely, including cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, cardboard hooks, etc., which are environmentally degradable and eco-friendly, and play a great role in protecting the forest.

For a long time, the forest has always been the patron saint of human beings and animals, which has brought untold benefits to human life and production. The root system of many plants is very developed, has a good water storage function, can prevent the outbreak of flash floods; The roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and many other plants can be eaten, is an important source of food for humans and animals; Dense leaves in the forest, can carry out photosynthesis, produce fresh air, to supply us with a lot of oxygen; Many graminea plants, constitute a huge forest, constitute a green umbrella, is a natural living place for all kinds of animals. However, with the continuous development of economy, the extent of forest destruction is becoming more and more serious. The biggest enemy of trees is waste gas. Some factories and enterprises, with weak environmental awareness, discharge waste gas and waste waste at will. Many, many animals have died out, and the environment has been greatly damaged. Therefore, we must protect the nature, protect the forest, start from me, enhance the awareness of environmental protection, publicity of the importance of environmental protection, love my earth, love my country, love my Changzhou.

I want to appeal loudly, take good care of nature, take good care of the forest, take good care of our human survival partner! Don't bring any more harm to nature.

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