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In the world, a lot of articles are produced every day,

In the world, a lot of articles are produced every day, and a lot of articles become piles of useless garbage. Therefore, we advocate the use of environment-friendly paper hangers, cardboard hooks, paper shoe hooks and other commonly used products in daily life, which can be environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable, and perfectly solve the problem caused by plastic.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of technology, how can we not think about the environment?

Every time people spit on the ground, every time people throw litter everywhere, my heart will not be calm, if everyone understands that environmental protection is very important, our world will be more perfect!

Let's do an assumption, if all Chinese each throw a garbage every day, so the world has more than 1.4 billion homeless of garbage, it is only a Chinese, if is the world that is a big number, and no environmental protection consciousness of people a day are not only throw a garbage, so, it is a big number, this is just one day, if it goes on like this Wouldn't the Earth be a rubbish planet?

After just the idea, let me feel very incredible, I dare not continue to think, continue to think that is a string of astronomical figures, so, for our common home, let us protect the environment, we want to learn from the sanitation workers like their spirit, protect the environment, everyone's responsibility!

Finally, I would like to say: for the sake of our common planet, let's start to protect the environment; In order that we can breathe fresh air, let's pick up the homeless garbage, let them also have a home, do not let them pollute the environment. Everyone starts to act, the earth will become more beautiful!

Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility, no one is an exception.

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