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Pay attention to environmental protection, and can start from the small things around, to protect th

Human beings are a kind of spiritual animals. Many inventions and creations have given us a comfortable and convenient life. But while you are enjoying a perfect life, do you find that the environment is being destroyed gradually? The previous stage of haze, is the nature to us human beings issued a warning, the protection of the environment has been urgent.

In life, the behavior of destroying the environment can be seen everywhere, as small as spitting everywhere, throwing litter randomly, as big as cutting down trees, destroying green houses, polluting rivers, exhaust emissions... In the eyes of people, these phenomena seem to have been commonplace, accustomed to. But in the long run, do you have any idea how much damage this is doing to the environment? This may not only make the landscape less green and the river dirty; It will even make the air quality worse, the atmosphere suffered damage and many other problems.

Speaking of environmental protection, do not think that it is high-tech work, that is the government's business, in fact, each of us can do a contribution to environmental protection. I looked up some knowledge about environmental protection on the Internet. In Singapore, people regularly recycle recyclable waste such as paper, old clothes and electrical components. In our daily life, we use environment-friendly cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks and eco-friendly paper products, which are recyclable and degradable, and play a great role in environmental protection.

In Germany, restaurants, all use stainless steel knives and forks, every time after high temperature disinfection, reuse...... We also want to take practical action to publicize and advocate environmental protection, such as seeing litter, wanwan to pick up a pick up; Will not be able to wear clothes, read the books sent to the children in the disaster areas; Shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls with environmental bags, reduce the production of white garbage...... Environmental protection is no small matter, as long as you are a willing heart, environmental protection can penetrate in all aspects of our life.

I hope that after this foreign language festival, there are more students pay attention to environmental protection, and can start from the small things around, to protect the environment to make a contribution, believe that as long as we cherish, love the environment, mother Earth will become more beautiful.

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