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The earth we live in is deteriorating rapidly, and we have to pay attention to whether our living en

Everyone must not litter. The exceptions are those with serious pollution, such as waste batteries. Because the heavy metals contained in a waste battery flow into clean water, the pollution caused by it is very serious, and secondly Try to save paper, pencils and other wood-made items, because wasting these things is destroying the forest.
Minimize the use of household items such as disposable lunch boxes, chopsticks and plastic bags, and use eco-friendly paper products such as environmentally friendly cardboard hangers, cardboard shoe hooks, and paper hooks in life. It is degradable and recyclable. It has a great impact on environmental protection. to reduce the generation of waste.
There are also some small suggestions: turn off the main switch when you leave to avoid overheating and explosion of electrical appliances, waste money and electricity, save water, turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, wash vegetables and wash rice, wash water to water flowers, and wash water. You can mop the floor, so you can reduce some waste. Don't kill wild animals at will. You must not kill first- and second-level protected animals, but don't kill common animals such as frogs, because frogs eat 10,000 to 50,000 bugs for us, and most of them are pests. Some people often don't think it is, and still go their own way, so we should try to eat as little wild animals as possible, which will cause their sales of wild animals to decline, and no longer hunt and kill wild animals.
Our forests are called oxygen processing plants, so we must take care of flowers and plants, do not destroy urban greening, and actively participate. And cut down less trees, don't waste wooden items, because wasting these things is equivalent to destroying the forest, so use less to protect less and less forest.
Replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs, although a little expensive, can use relatively less electricity. I appeal to everyone: use our daily actions to protect the earth's environment and let our children and grandchildren live in a perfect environment!

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