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After 100 million years, animals have become the masters of the entire earth.

After 100 million years, animals have become the masters of the entire earth.
Because human beings can no longer endure the pollution on the earth, they have all moved to other planets. However, animals go to live on this earth that has been trampled by humans. They do not leave their gentle mother earth like humans do, but want to improve her and protect her.
In spring, the animals found a small sapling and planted trees on the mountain, weaving green grass on the ground. And some factories that polluted the earth were cleaned up, and the water in the river turned green. After a few months, lush green leaves grew on the trees and beautiful flowers bloomed on the ground. Jingzhi is like Tao Yuanming's paradise.
In summer, the trees began to bear fruit. The animals watered and fertilized the trees every day. The little animals played on the grass, tickled the little trees, and the little trees smiled and bent over.
In autumn, the trees are withered and yellowed, and the leaves dance down one by one, as if thanking the animals. The animals took the brooms and swept the fallen leaves into the trash can.
In winter, the earth put on her most beautiful white clothes, and the trees also put on the sweaters knitted by animals. The earth was so happy that it could have such a child.
The snow has melted, and another spring has come. When the animals are welcoming the spring, humans fall from the sky. Originally, human beings understood that the earth was restored to its original state, and they all came to the earth one after another. The tree was cut down to build a house. In an instant, the hard work of the animals was in vain. Humans saw the animals crying, but ignored them and took some small animals as pets. The big one is locked up and going to eat it.
The behavior of human beings, the earth sees the silent weeping there, and the trees and animals are also weeping. They are complaining why human beings do not perish? Why?
       We should make our own small contribution to the earth and use more environmentally friendly and degradable products around us. For example, plastic hangers can be replaced by cardboard hangers, plastic shoe hooks can be replaced by cardboard shoe hooks, and eco-friendly paper hooks can be used as much as possible. , This kind of paper product is recyclable, degradable and non-polluting to the earth. This is the only thing we can do to the earth, and it is also what we can do.

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