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What is "low carbon life"?

Last year, I participated in the city science and technology handwritten newspaper competition, collected a lot of information on "low carbon life", and learned that "low carbon life" is a green way of life. Its most fundamental concept is to advocate that we "protect the environment, starting from me". Many people today practice this way of life aggressively in various ways. For example, the water used to wash rice and wash vegetables can be used to water flowers, and the cold water that flows out of the water pipe in winter can be connected to flush the toilet.
The continuation of life and the survival of human beings are inseparable from natural resources for a moment. The earth is our common home and all living things. In response to the fact that the earth's ecological environment is deteriorating and resources are increasingly scarce, I realize the importance of environmental protection, energy conservation, and low-carbon life.
        More environmentally friendly products are used in daily life, such as recyclable and degradable products such as eco-friendly cardboard hangers, eco-friendly cardboard shoe hooks, and eco-friendly paper hooks. Eco-friendly paper products have played a substantial role in environmental protection.
In fact, it is not difficult to join the "low-carbon family", and the details of "low-carbon life" run through our lives. Since I was sensible, our family has a good habit of saving electricity: we only turn on the white energy-saving lamps when we need it; we always turn the air conditioner to 27°C or 28°C in summer; the power supply of the water dispenser is never always When it is on, the water you drink is boiled water that is temporarily boiled in a kettle; TVs and computers will not be in standby for a long time...
Inspired by my parents, I developed a good habit of turning off the lights since I was a child. But I don't know why, after moving to the community, the street lights outside are not as bright as the street lights in the past, and I always feel that the surrounding is very quiet and a little scary, so I gradually lost this good habit. Dad often reminds me to turn off the lights, but I get a little annoyed when I listen to it too much. Occasionally, I mumble in my heart: "Dad is really, so stingy, how much electricity and how much money can I waste by turning on the lights?"
It wasn't until one day that I read the environmental protection article "Global Warming is a Big Problem" that I suddenly woke up. The article tells us that if you develop the habit of turning off the lights, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3 to 6 kilograms a year. I figured it out. If the 1.3 billion people in the country can develop the good habit of turning off the lights, they will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 46 to 8 kilograms in one year. harvest. It's not just a matter of wasting a few dollars. From then on, I can turn off the lights consciously without my dad reminding me.
"Low-carbon life" is just in our hands and feet. We use one less plastic bag and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 0.1 gram. In summer, the air conditioner can be increased by 1 °C, which can reduce the emission of 175 grams of carbon dioxide per day on average. Choose seasonal vegetables. Fruits can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400 grams per kilogram; a tree can absorb 18 or 3 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year... These all tell us that low-carbon life is all around us, saving every piece of paper, every kilowatt-hour of electricity, every Dripping water is something everyone can do.
For our home, let us act and be a small pacesetter of environmental protection and energy saving!

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