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At the moment the earth's environment is getting worse and worse, but many people still do not take

At the moment the earth's environment is getting worse and worse, but many people still do not take him seriously.

Garbage flying all over the sky, floating to the branches of the river, river, everywhere, polluted the river, in the past play in the river small fish and shrimp have disappeared without a trace, in the past singing birds on the branches have disappeared. People cut down trees so much that China currently produces and throws away 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year, equivalent to 25 million adult trees being cut down! A lot of plastic has to be buried for a thousand years before it breaks down, releasing greenhouse gases in the process! Look at that, and you're not gonna do anything?

We should start from small things, do not litter, do not spit, drive less private cars, go out by bus is best, a variety of flowers and trees, go out to carry chopsticks and bags, avoid the use of disposable chopsticks and plastic bags and so on.

In our life, we should use eco-friendly paper products, paper hangers, paper shoes hooks, paper hooks and other eco-friendly paper products, which can be recycled and degraded.

Once, I did not do environmental protection. That night, I want to run out of homework was thrown away, my mother saw, said to me: "These paper recycling can also reuse, waste what a pity ah, the back of the paper can also be used, you use it to make papyrus." I looked down and realized my mistake. From now on, I would not waste anything.

The earth is our great mother, although she has four and a half billion years old, but the earth's youth and aging is not measured by age, as a child of the earth, we should let my mother forever young! Come on, let us work together, I believe, if everyone makes efforts, small power will converge into a great power, let our mother Earth must be able to restore the health and beauty before!

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