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Let's act and defend the earth!

Let's act and defend the earth!
In recent years, I have found that our resources are getting more and more easily depleted. These are all because of our recent collection of resources, which has led to the depletion of our mothers.
What makes our mother's resources less and less? Of course, it's our human beings who waste too much and don't cherish it, that will cause such serious results. Our earth's forest area has reached 600 million hectares in the past. This staggering number is due to the fact that we humans have an important awareness of protecting the environment. We know that if there is no good environment, we will not be able to breathe the breeze on the grass. sweet taste. And what about this moment? The forest area of ​​our earth is less than 6 hectares. This situation is caused by the uncontrolled cutting down of trees and deforestation by human beings, which reduces the forest area in the world by almost 1% every year. At this moment, our protection The importance of nature is getting shallower and shallower, and we don’t care for the plants and trees around us. As the forests are gradually decreasing, the first breath of air we breathe is becoming less and less fresh…
         In our daily life, we try not to use plastic products, and use more paper products, such as cardboard hangers, cardboard shoe hooks, paper hooks and other eco-friendly products, which are recyclable and degradable, and do not harm the earth.
Not only forest resources have been destroyed, but also our mineral resources. It is limited. At this moment, our mining technology is constantly improving and the speed is accelerating, so that some minerals are in short supply, and even face depletion. Until then, we will be on a desolate land forever.
In response to these, it can be seen that we have lost too many resources! We rely on too many resources! Around us, every bit of resources are dwindling, how would we live without all of this! So, let's treat our Mother Earth sincerely and try to cherish and cherish. Even if it's just an extra small plastic bag, it shouldn't be!
Let us act to defend the earth!

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