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It is difficult to estimate the damage caused by an acid rain.

It is difficult to estimate the damage caused by an acid rain.

I am an old tree. The Three Kingdoms, where success and failure turned empty, the Tang Dynasty, where "palaces opened in nine kingdoms and the royal dress of nations honored," and the prosperous Ming Dynasty, where "everything is green and prosperous," as well as the fearsome Republic of China, have their hallmarks. Until now, I am still in some corner of the world, watching human evolution.

So we try to use recyclable and degradable products in our life, such as cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper pulp hangers, paper hooks, etc., eco-friendly paper products, pollution-free to the earth.

In the morning, I was awakened by a breeze. As soon as I tried to breathe the fresh air, I choked on the stench. Alas, humans are paying less and less attention to the urban environment. The original clean clean road without a bit of litter and garbage has become the peel confetti all over the floor, pet feces is everywhere; The fragrant air of flowers, grass and earth is now filled with sputum, and the city is darkened: clear streams where leisurely fish swim are becoming murky as factories pour industrial waste into them. A gust of wind blew, the air mixed with various chemical gases, dust.

It is difficult to estimate the damage caused by an acid rain. Fish and shrimps were rotting on the muddy water, and there were no birds in the grey sky. People can only wait desperately for the dawn. Not only that, the global temperature began to warm, the Arctic and Antarctic icebergs began to melt and other disasters make human will face the danger of extinction. Not only humans, but creatures like us are going extinct.

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