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By adjusting our way of life, we can make a contribution to protecting the earth.

By adjusting our way of life, we can make a contribution to protecting the earth.

Sunday, the weather is very sunny, the blue sky floating a few white clouds, bang bang, little and I can not stay at home, on the phone to discuss to go to the park opposite my home to play. Soon they came to the park. When they got there, they saw a green lawn. At once they were playing football on the lawn. Bang Bang also shouted "shoot, shoot!"

So we try to use recyclable and degradable products in our life, such as cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper pulp hangers, paper hooks, etc., eco-friendly paper products, pollution-free to the earth.

At this time I just arrived at the park, in the distance to hear the bang bang shout, I quickly ran to have a look, saw them happy again playing football on the lawn, I immediately shouted loudly: "you don't play football on the lawn, the grass will step on the bad. You have to protect the environment, care for the lawn!" Bang bang and little heard, immediately realized that his behavior is wrong, bowed his head, immediately ran to another open space to play football.

Although we are still only a grade of students, it is impossible to make a special contribution to the environment of all mankind, but we can start from the protection of the environment around us, from the protection of the school environment, for example: Abide by the provisions of the relevant banned throw all kinds of waste, the waste thrown to the designated place or containers, avoid using disposable beverage cups, lunch boxes, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc. Instead, it can greatly reduce waste, reduce the pressure of a garbage disposal work, take good care of trees and flowers, little New Year card, keep the campus clean, etc.

These are small things, but as long as we start, work together, from saving resources and reducing pollution, adjust their way of life, we can make a contribution to the protection of the earth. The theme of our country is "to breathe together to struggle", hoping to let everyone enjoy the beauty, let everyone action to protect the environment, to sky blue, green, clean water efforts.

Save resources, protect the environment, do to protect the earth's small master!

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