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Please try to use degradable plastic products, do not use disposable products

Please try to use degradable plastic products, do not use disposable products

So we try to use recyclable and degradable products in our life, such as cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper pulp hangers, paper hooks, etc., eco-friendly paper products, pollution-free to the earth.

The earth is our home for human survival, like our mother to provide us with living resources and conditions. We humans are the masters of the earth and we should protect it as we treat ourselves.

No one wants their home to be better. But don't know the phenomenon of environmental protection is very little?

This is the arbitrary exploitation of mineral resources, regardless of the results of the abuse of chemicals, littering will cause environmental pollution, sewage, water damage and other damage to the environment, the destruction of natural resources. With the development of science and technology, plastic products gradually enter people's lives, a large number of hail film, packaging bags and disposable tableware do bring convenience to people's lives, but also harm the environmental protection, littering everywhere along the street, across the stream floating white garbage, river, from time to time emit foul odor. White pollution is becoming more and more serious, the destruction of ecological environment poses a great threat to human existence, but people's awareness of environmental protection is very weak. To this end, I make the following recommendations to you in particular.

1, advocate not littering, to classify the garbage into the designated trash can.

2. Educate the public not to waste resources, including not to waste a piece of paper.

3. Please try to use degradable plastic products instead of disposable products.

4, strengthen supervision and management, found around the environmental damage behavior of people, to actively remind, stop and education.

5. Strengthen environmental publicity to form a good environmental atmosphere.

We must act for the sake of our family. If all the people in the world are protecting the environment, every day

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