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The significance of eco-friendly cardboard hangers, and future prospects

The significance of eco-friendly cardboard hangers, and future prospects

Every morning when I open my eyes, my mother has prepared a big breakfast, waiting for my father and I to get up and enjoy. Then our family happy to eat breakfast, talking about a happy topic. My father would drive me to school every morning and pick me up on time after work. After work, my mother would be busy preparing dinner at home. The kitchen waste and other household waste, my mother did not realize that they needed to be sorted.

So we try to use recyclable and degradable products in our life, such as cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper pulp hangers, paper hooks, etc., eco-friendly paper products, pollution-free to the earth.

This morning, I told mom and dad, want to improve the family awareness of environmental protection, reduce air pollution, hope dad from today on don't drive me to school, I can ride a bike and take a bus. Dad said he was worried that I would be late for school. I assured him that I could get up half an hour earlier than usual and choose whether to ride my bike or take a bus to school. After hearing this, my father felt very relieved, so he also decided not to drive to work, just like me, choose an environmentally friendly and healthy way to travel. My mother, who was listening, was also very supportive of our environmental initiatives and couldn't help but join us. She said she would take an active part in household environmental initiatives such as garbage sorting and wastewater recycling. Our family all smiled happily, it was a very meaningful day for us.

Civilized and environmentally friendly attitude to life is what everyone should do to reduce pollution for our earth, reduce automobile exhaust, carry out the necessary garbage classification treatment, so that our air is more fresh. So here I advocate that everyone can choose a green way of travel, not only conducive to health, but also for the national environmental protection to make a contribution, release your civilized enthusiasm!

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