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What have you done to protect the environment?

What have you done to protect the environment

The economy is getting more and more developed, which is good for people, because the economy is developed, people can get a lot of high-tech things. Computer, TV, refrigerator. Anything that needs electricity will pollute the environment.

But humans are still using it with relish, poor earth! If you don't do environmental protection, the consequences can be imagined.

Everyone on our bus is moving to protect the planet! After school, we all wait for the bus at the school gate. When we are hungry, we go to buy some snacks. We opened a snack, can not help but eat up. But the trash can was just a few steps away, and we didn't look. We put the garbage in the hand, slowly let go of the hand, the garbage leisurely down. He walked away as if nothing had happened. Although his movements were inconspicuous, he could not escape the eagle-eyed Wang in the car. Didn't you say no last time? Why did you throw it away again?" "When was the last time? When did I say that?" The boy shouted at Wang, "Go, ask the others in the car, they will tell you that every day!" "Go away, who -- who's afraid of who! "The boy still pretends to be innocent. They came to us in a flurry of talk. Wang asked, "Tell me, did he say last time that he didn't litter? "We looked at me, I looked at you, and we said in unison," Yes!" Xiao Wang proudly said, "Your fellow boys won't help you, why don't you throw them into the dustbin!" "You naughty fellows! Hey, don't help me!" In frustration, he picked up the trash, walked to the dumpster, and threw it in. Then I walked back, glanced at Xiao Wang and the boy, and blushed.

Let us all work together to say "no" to those who destroy the environment. If everyone is like this, Mother Earth will regain the appearance of youth!

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