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Say goodbye to plastic

Say goodbye to plastic

The 21st century is an era of both modernity and the past. In this era, we have the convenience brought by high technology, but also inadvertently destroy our living environment.
So we try to use recyclable and degradable products in our life, such as cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper pulp hangers, paper hooks, etc., eco-friendly paper products, pollution-free to the earth.

Today, Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China, and I am proud to be a Shanghainese. In the center of Shanghai, high-rise buildings rise on top of each other like a concrete forest. We live in it and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning. Although there are few factories on the outskirts of Shanghai, they already occupy large areas of land. Few people realize that their current good life is due to the destruction of ecology. In Shanghai, I personally know that summers are getting hotter and hotter in recent years, which is all due to our carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, after the construction of a large number of buildings with glass as the main material, the urban light pollution has also caused a certain impact on our ecology. And those factories in the suburbs take up large tracts of land, making the scarce land for plants to grow even more scarce. Therefore, the modernization of Shanghai is inversely proportional to the degree of its environment. As a Shanghai citizen, to see in the eyes of the environment is declining, the heart is very anxious.

The damage we do to the environment is not only harmful to ourselves, but also to animals and plants. Due to the destruction of the environment, many animals lost their original habitat, displaced, and finally went on the road of extinction. Some plants can not adapt to the pollution in the city, and gradually disappear from the eyes of city people. All kinds of damage to the ecosystem has caused harm, the severity of which can be imagined.

So I searched the Internet for many ways to do environmental protection in life, and participated in the environmental protection knowledge competition held by the network and community, and tried to increase my environmental protection knowledge. Talk about environmental protection at school.

Start from their own, the implementation of environmental protection to every little thing, is really to become a pioneer of environmental protection.

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