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Such environmentally friendly toothbrush, let you smile more confidently

Such environmentally friendly toothbrush, let you smile more confidently

Toothbrush eco-friendly NOS waste sustainable clean appearance level high

According to oral experts, ordinary toothbrush should not be used for more than three months. That is, under normal plus ideal conditions, every person on Earth should change their toothbrush four times a year. There are 7.5 billion people on the planet, so we use 30 billion toothbrushes every year. And according to the different material and size, the quality of the toothbrush is generally between 20g and 30g. That means we produce about 7,500 tons of waste toothbrushes every year.


So, in order to protect the environment and reduce the waste, we should stop brushing our teeth and design a more environmentally friendly toothbrush.


The latest idea from NOS, a three-time Red Dot Award winning consultancy, may be able to make our daily cleaning activities greener.

Using recyclable plastic for the handle and compostable bamboo for the bristles, replace the bristles to ensure a healthy mouth and be more environmentally friendly.

NOS, for example, has a chart comparing similar toothbrushes on its website. More emphasis on the environmental attributes of the product. The average toothbrush needs to be replaced after three months, is not 100 percent recyclable, and multiple shipments add to the carbon footprint. And this toothbrush, which lasts an average of two years, is 100% recyclable.

Well, once again, inspiration lights up your life. See, with simple design and a little ingenuity, designers are once again doing their part for the environment.

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