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When Coke bottles talk, I'll tell you about plastic recycling

If there is a green push, many people start by using less non-biodegradable plastic.


From carrying cutlery with you, using your own cup for coffee, and using reusable bags for shopping, to ordering less takeout and thus less disposable plastic cutlery, rejecting or reducing the use of plastic can reduce the carbon footprint of each of us, and it is a real environmental benefit.


Coca-Cola, which was named the biggest plastic polluter for the third time in 2020, said it would not give up plastic bottles. But they have also recently taken steps to address the problem, starting with their own plastic bottles and offering an innovative plastic science class that engages both companies and consumers in the loop of plastic recycling.


Before the official "class", we would like to introduce Bill Nye -- Coca-Cola made a little teacher who can talk out of waste plastic bottles. Of course, plastic reduction action is not just a doll, how to achieve the purpose of environmental protection through plastic recycling? Listen to little plastic teacher Bill.


This stop-motion animation of Coca Cola shows us the whole process of plastic recycling. The plastic bottles that have been drunk can be returned to the shelves through the closed loop of recycling. The animation is engrossing, easy to understand, with Copp in place and lovable, and comes from Mackinnon and Saunders, the animators behind Wes Anderson's "Mr. Fox."

In other words, to "create a world without waste", major plastic manufacturers like Coca Cola should start from the recycling of plastic, and make sustainable resources in a recycling loop, so as to reduce the production of more harmful substances that the environment cannot degrade naturally.


The animation serves as an environmental science lesson for the beverage giant, as well as a message to consumers that they're aiming to recycle 100 percent of their packaging by 2025. We'll see.


Many environmentalists have said plastic bottles is the reason they refused to buy drinks or mineral water, but forgot to bring my water bottle, cup go also very puzzled, if future drinks packaging will be able to realize recycling, both brands and consumers can jointly participate in the reduction of plastic environmental friendly life.

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