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What kind of garbage can be recycled?

It has been two or three years since we first implemented the garbage sorting scheme. Now you can tell dry garbage from wet garbage. What kind of garbage are you? You will be fined every minute for throwing out the wrong garbage. You have to keep the classification standard in mind.


To make matters worse, it is not just the standards of garbage sorting that are confusing.


For example, the logo of most recycling bins in our country is a symbol with three arrows for recycling, indicating that the garbage collected in the bin can be recycled. This symbol is not only found on trash cans, but also on the outer packaging of many retail products to remind consumers how to classify their garbage.

However, there is no uniform standard for this symbol of recycling all over the world. There is a kind of "you say you, I use mine" situation, which seems to be a joke.


Under such a premise, retail brands choose different recycling marks due to the limited material and manufacturing technology when designing packaging. Faced with similar but different circular symbols, consumers are full of question marks, unable to confirm what is recyclable waste packaging; At the same time, recyclers who specialize in recyclable waste have to reorganize and distribute misclassified waste, increasing their workload...


In this way, the vicious circle, the signs that are supposed to remind people to promote recycling instead become a hindrance. At a time when everyone is advocating recycling, there is a "communication crisis", and no one knows the right signs for recycling.


Recycling signs, such as Wi-Fi and public restroom signs, need a uniform, universal symbol that can be instantly recognizable and informative.


However, I'm not trying to put you on the spot. If you get it wrong, you don't need to be nervous, because this is the status quo of public awareness of recycling signs. None of the five signs mentioned above are the only ones that can effectively guide people to recycle.


As a symbol often used by people in life, should be known by people, but it may cause public misinterpretation, then it is no longer reliable and trustworthy. For example, the following picture shows the labels of three alcohol products, each with different recycling labels. Which bottle can be thrown into the recycling bin?

In order to solve this question at present many recycling symbol confusion each other, let people no longer confused about when the rubbish, some ngos act, hope that through simple identification symbols and words to satisfy the public's daily needs, in certain countries or regions for a specific set of marking system, each kind of packaging waste has detailed standards.

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