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This time, McDonald's is using trash as its poster child

McDonald's Norway Junk Delivery Green Green Junk delivery Oslo poster

Every mature brand understands the importance of the visual system. Having a visual system that is recognizable enough for consumers to recognize in the commercial "flowers" is undoubtedly a point of pride for every brand.


However, there is also an old saying that "people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong". Being too easy to recognize is not always a good thing.


McDonald's, for example, faces such a problem. Because of the high brand recognition of the takeaway packaging, passersby can instantly recognize the discarded takeaway garbage without even looking at it. "Oh, isn't that McDonald's takeaway garbage?"


Although McDonald's is not the one who litters, it is still a shameful thing. So McDonald's has made it a point to wash its dirty linen in public and put garbage in the C spot on its poster.

McDonald's Norway recently launched a campaign entitled "Take away your take away." Photographer Joi Kjartans was invited to take a look at the eye-catching McDonald's delivery trash on the streets of Oslo -- paper bags, chip boxes, drink cups and more.


They then shared the photos on the brand's social networking site and turned them into promotional posters.

McDonald's Norway hopes to use the global influence of the brand to remind customers that "cities are more beautiful when garbage doesn't fall".


When it comes to influence, it's hard not to see the most famous Golden Arches image.

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