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The artist, who specializes in turning waste into treasure, has set his sights on corrugated paper

Even among artists, it is not easy to find interesting souls. Some people are profound, some are sharp, some are flamboyant, and some are elegant... The style of their works is like the externalization of the internal secretion of artists. Everyone is unique and different, and to be as clever and interesting as Javier Perez, you really need a lot of talent.

2020 Mask Series

Used corrugated boxes just go into the junk yard? You have no idea what it's capable of.

Looking at the works above, you might be fooled by the simplicity of the images into thinking that they are easy to implement. In fact, it is precisely because Javier is skilled and talented in integrating photography, paper cutting, animation and painting into the material organization of a work without any violation, which can bring us such a relaxed and pleasant sensory experience.

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