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Looking at these posters, no human would say no to Ikea toys

There are some things you can trick at Ikea, like the $2 ice cream bar and the irresistible blue shark.


In fact, IKEA's anthropomorphic design of this great blue shark is responsible for its deadly charm. As a result, many consumers not only name the dog, but also take pictures of it eating, sleeping and watching TV. Ikea is also very "sensible". After seeing how consumers play the game, it turned Tiny Homes into a real estate agent in its advertisement, which left a deep impression on people.

More recently, IKEA, together with Memac Ogilvy, has brought the idea of personification to the BLAVINGAD line of eco-friendly toys. Whales, orcas and dolphins are among the newly designed Marine stuffed animals, which are all stuffed with recycled Marine debris.


The world produces about 300 million tons of discarded plastic every year, and much of it ends up in the oceans. These wastes not only cause huge garbage patches on the sea surface, but also turn into plastic fragments, which are eaten by Marine organisms, causing great harm to the environment and organisms.


In order to draw consumers' attention to the environmental issue, IKEA has once again used the "anthropomorphic" method to let consumers know who the "parents" of these "children" (the ingredients) are. Cute copy can really break the mind and make people want to take their new "friend" home immediately!


Like this dolphin monologue: "My mom is a straw and my dad is a party cup, so some people say I'm a party animal." Ikea really did a good job of punning the word "Party Animal" by noting that the toy is made from the plastic most commonly used at parties, and that the word itself is a fixture of party animal usage as a gentle reminder to consumers that parties are not very green.


And who could help but feel a twine about the tragic deaths of dolphins' friends and relatives when the ocean is polluted (their bodies are so full of plastic that their parents are made of it, a huge metaphor)?


Another said: "My mother is a tube of toothpaste, my father is a bottle of orange juice, Sour Sweet is me, I am an Aquarius."


I have to say, the innocence of the child's perspective. Is the most powerful "weapon". The copy reveals the composition of the toy and personifies the baby orca with topics such as constellations, which is hard not to pity.


It can be said that these advertisements of IKEA, in a very clever form, have triggered the concept about the Marine environment and the continuation of species, which can be regarded as a little aesthetic education while letting consumers see IKEA's efforts in environmental protection.

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