Cardboard Hangers paper hanger

Item No.: CH 0089
Material:100% recyclable Eco friendly paper
Mengcaii bra hangers, familar to the plastic hangers but way much more better than plastic hangers
They are good looking and water resistance.
👍Eco Friendly Meterial Recyclable Cardboard.
👍Good for anywhere
Mengcaii 17" cardboard hanger
Eco-friendly children's hanger, recyclable paper fiberboard, 25, 30, 38, 43 cm. Also called cardboard hanger-but tougher and stronger than ordinary cardboard. It is very suitable for babies, toddlers and children as well as adults. Flat, so you can make full use of the hanging space. The gaps in hanging skirts or any clothes with loops. Main attraction: Recyclable-made of 100% recycled materials, which can be easily recycled again through normal recycling. FSC environmental protection-certified as recycled by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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